Differences of Heart attacks in male and female

Differences of Heart attacks in male and female

Advanced-cardiac life support commonly known as ACLS, is resuscitation process which takes several clinical measures for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke as well as other medical emergencies that threaten the life of a patient. All the nurses training as emergency and critical care nurses must be properly trained on ACLS. With good skills on ACLS, the nurses will be able to properly attend to emergencies from the patients.

ACLS Online Training

Many fear to train on ACLS since it is considered to be very hard. On the other hand, there are some who are so much interested in learning more about ACLS. This is because they get excited by the imagination of how they will be saving a life after they qualify with the needed skills. Going down this path may be challenging at times. If the institution you working in as a nurse is not offering support for learning of ACLS, you will have to dig deep into your pocket to pay for this course, which is also expensive. Even after you join the training, it is not guaranteed that you will qualify as a trained and qualified ACLS nurse. This is because even if the training is so much difficult, you still have to pass all the practise tests that are administered during the training period.

As much as it is not a must for every nurse to take the ACLS course, even if you are not working in the intensive care unit or emergency unit, it is very necessary to have the skills. You never know, maybe in future, you will need to apply the knowledge on ACLS at most unexpected time or place. The ACLS course is not only reserved for the medics, even common people who have not trained as nurses or doctors can also take the ACLS training courses. This can help you in future in case of an emergency.

After you are properly equipped with all the necessary skills in regards to ACLS, you are now qualified to attend to all emergencies of a patient, including cardiac arrest or heart attack, and stroke. You will be able to save many lives and become a hero to many who will be looking up to you for your services.

A heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of the heart muscle suddenly blocks and the heart can no longer get oxygen. If the blood flow is not restored, the section of the heart muscle starts to die. A heart attack usually occurs due to coronary heart disease which is a situation in which a waxy element called plaque builds up inside the coronary-arteries thus causing the heart attack.

Heart attack in men usually differs with the heart attack in women. In men, there is usually standard chest pain accompanied by intense and continuous sneezing. There is also pain and discomfort on the upper areas of the human body including arms, left shoulder, back, neck, and stomach. Men also experience rapid and irregular heartbeat. There is also stomach discomfort and shortness of breath that may lead to suffocation. Men also tend to feel dizzy and experience cold sweating.

In women, they experience sudden severe fatigue and anxiety. They also have sleeping disorders while they are asleep. Women also experience pressure from the center of the chest and which spreads to the arms. They also experience jaw and throat pain.